Izolda Will Electrify Your Event.

Activations, workshops, and presentations on communication, focus, and telling better stories.

Each workshop is interactive, practical, and inspires participants to access their creative and productive energy.

  • Fully customizable one, two, or four-Hour workshops will fit your schedule
  • Six full exercise sets per workshop (two-hour)
  • Over 25 powerful techniques that you will apply immediately
  • Over 100 practice files that you can keep
  • Proven physical, emotional, psychological presentation and performance techniques

Tell Better Stories! Ignite your creative spark, sharpen your writing skills, and learn easy and effective communication techniques in this exciting workshop.*

Tell Your Stories Better! This interactive workshop builds public-speaking skills and increases confidence when presenting to others in any situation. You will leave bolder, calmer, and full of new techniques to speak so everybody listens!*

Work In Harmony cultivates leadership skills, innovative thinking, confidence, and team focus through singing. This workshop is ideal for activations, icebreakers, corporate retreats, conferences, and meetings.

Find Your Voice and Boost Your Performance. A workshop on discovering the sacred joy of singing. In this workshop, we build the confidence and techniques to express ourselves in song. These workshops are perfect for spiritual institutions, conferences, events, and parties.

* Tell Better Stories and Tell Your Stories Better are available as a one-day, eight-hour seminar.

Learn the techniques Izolda has utilized to interact with and guide participants from all over the world. She has worked with prominent members of the international political, educational, and business arenas. Her techniques will give you the skills to communicate your message and the confidence to forge your dreams.

You will:

  • Deepen your connections.
  • Improve communication.
  • Achieve goals together.
  • All laugh while you build these skills.

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