Overcome! How To Succeed Even If You Had A Sh*tty Childhood

Overcoming abuse to succeed anyway!

We can learn to persevere and thrive despite the special challenges created by surviving a childhood of abuse. This podcast episode begins the story.

Tonight, I’m doing something frightening on my podcast. I’m debuting my latest, in-process book. Every Friday evening I will be reading a chapter of what I am writing. It is a personal tale and one that some of you might find triggering. It’s called, “Overcome! How to succeed even if you had a sh*tty childhood.”

I don’t often talk about my experiences as an immigrant or as an abused child. This book will chronicle that story and how we can persevere and succeed even after childhood trauma. We need to address key challenges, but we can still thrive.

I hope you will join in and listen as I write and develop this primer on how to persevere and thrive despite the special challenges of surviving a childhood of abuse. And if you want to share your own stories, contact me. I am here to listen.

I send you all my respect, my admiration, and my love.

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