Wishlist or Guilt-zone

The amazing Arianna Huffington wrote this this morning. I agree with her thoughts and I had a comment that I thought bears repeating. 

Here it is. 
It works super well. And yet I like having a wishlist that helps me remember cool things I want to do. I want to drive the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast in a convertible. I want that experience. I don’t feel bad or dragged down that I haven’t achieved it yet. Rather, I release any guilt I have for not having achieved it yet. I will. I just haven’t yet. 

I wanted to see the aurora borealis in Iceland. So, I figured out a way, after a few years, to get to Iceland to look for the aurora borealis. I didn’t feel bad that I hadn’t done it.

 And I still don’t feel bad that I didn’t do it. When we were there, the Aurora was not in evidence. So, I don’t feel terrible that I have not yet seen the aurora borealis. Rather, I feel amazing that I got to go see this beautiful land and meet amazing people while I was there. And, the aurora borealis is still on my wish list. But now it’s supported by the fact that when I go back to Iceland it will be to visit good friends. To me, the key to not being dragged down is relieving myself of guilt that I haven’t yet achieved something I want to achieve. If you feel guilty, it will be a drag on your spirit. If you have a wish to do something, it can be liberating and uplifting. 

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