Make your goals specific

Set concrete goals graphicToday’s Show Up! Journal power words are a reminder to myself. In the middle of June, I set myself a goal that by the end of July, I would book one of my latest workshop offerings with a company or an organization. I took the last month to work on my website, my presentation, and actually ran the workshop at a college last week. So, I got a great practice run as a trial by fire in front of a bunch of business administration graduate students.

As a result, this morning, I booked the, “Tell Your Stories Better,” workshop for the end of September. It’s July 27. And I did it.The important thing here? Set a concrete goal. Don’t make it something like, “I want to succeed.” That is a great idea, but it’s not a goal. It is a wish. Instead, make it specific. Make it something like, “I will to book a workshop by the end of July,” or, “I will finish 10 chapters of my book by September 15., or, “I will book 5 new clients by the end of August.” And then work towards that goal every single day, and you will achieve it. 

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