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sky and moon in New Mexico
Clear air in New Mexico

You are intelligent and thought-oriented. Endowed with a facile mind, you use your quick wit well. Reason, logic, and truth appear most important to you. You love in-depth communication and enjoy following things step-by-step to their ultimate conclusion. You can be stubborn once you have reached an opinion or decision. After you give an issue some thought, little will sway you. You see the myriad facets of any situation, and you think your way through most issues. However, that may keep you from experiencing them because you are so busy analyzing them as you live through them. You value your mind and its abilities. You look at the world through the eyes of reason and logic, and you live best in the world of ideas.

You articulate ideas well. Games and other such challenges rev your engine. You think analytically and you tend to be good at games and other such challenges. And you give well thought out advice and arguments and you relish a good debate.

You value truth and honesty. Once someone lies to you, it can take you a long time to trust again. As an Air Designee, you face the truth regardless of the consequences. You play by the rules and want everyone to follow the rules as well. Straightforward and forthright with those around you, you rebel against prevarication.

Challenges for the Air Designation

There are times when you can over think things in your quest to reach the right decision, and it becomes quite challenging for you actually to reach a decision. When you do know the best course of action, your analytical nature can make it challenging for you to move forward and act. There are also times when your analytical nature makes it seem as if you are disconnected from your feelings. At times, you are able to disconnect from what you feel, and you can become dispassionate when the feelings you might experience are too painful to endure. Some have described this as “shutting down.”

(Note: This is a truncated Air Element Designation Description. For the complete description, please see chapter seven in the book.)

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