Fan the Flame! Techniques to build the energy to be creative

Want to Fan that Creative Flame? You Need the Fire Energy to Do It!

In order to get stuff done, we need the energy to do it. If we want to be creative on top of that, we need to fan that flame. We need an extra boost. This is especially true if we happen to live somewhere where sunlight and long days are in short supply. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, right now, the days are short and getting shorter. The lack of sunlight can sap our energy to accomplish the most mundane tasks not to mention to be creative.
Today’s show gives several actionable techniques for generating some of that creative fire. If you want to be creative, you must first have the verve to get up and go. I give five specific techniques to create some sizzle and I also provide a fun guided meditation on how to become a Firewalker in your mind. While you are in that quiet, meditative state, we will spark the flame and transform it into energy for you to use to be creative.
I also touch on the endocrine system and how we must take care not burn ourselves out in order to have the energy to achieve our goals. Watch that thyroid!
I mentioned my first book, “Life Elements.” If you want to know more about the Life Elements system, head over to the Life Elements page.
As always, if you have questions, get in touch. Tweet me at @IzoldaT or use the handy contact form.
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